Nihon Jyozo Kogyo is a company that provides products such as koji starters (aspergillus oryzae), brewed materials, brewing machines and seasonings.

From koji starters koji bean sprouts until the soy sauce, miso

Sake Koji Starters

Sake Koji Starters


Sake Koji Starters

We started sales of koji starters for soy sauce and miso in 1917. After that we started manufacturing of koji starters for sake in 1961.
Although we are a relatively new company in the koji starters industry, our sales results have been gradually increased centering on the Niigata District.
Our "Ginrei", sales started in 2005, has been highly evaluated in various kanpyokai (sake awards). Please give it a try.

Sake Koji Starters

List of products

Product name Characteristic
Ginrei Highly reputed for its scent when taken out. Aspergillus emitting sweet, fruity scent is used. Suitable for particular named sake, and highly reputed especially for junmai ginjo. This aspergillus mildly generates heat and is resistant to high-temperature period.
Sakigake This is an ice-type product. Suitable for Tanrei with low acid protease and acid carboxypeptidase activities. Many are used for ginjo sake since they produce less amino acids.
Fuji Our typical product. Many are used for normal sake and honjozo. Generates heat rapidly at first, having good Hazekomi conditions and a high enzyme titer. Good yield, suitable for Nojun sake quality.
Asahi It has been favored since our establishment, with average enzyme activity and chestnut-fragrant koji.
Generates heat rapidly at first in a stable manner. Very easy-to-use product.
NJK110 It contains aspergilla orysae which produces citric acid a lot. It has no great acidity changes, but add unique characteristics to sake quality. Has a relatively high glucoamylase activity and increases the sweetness of sake.

◇inner capacity … 200g granular koji starters for 200kg of ingredients, and 70g powdery koji starters for 200kg of ingredients.

Enzyme titer list

Enzymatic power of Sake Koji Starters

Product name Glucoamylase α-amylase The acidity Protease Acid carboxy
Ginrei 235 885 3250 4450
Sakigake 225 820 2850 3150
Fuji 247 910 3650 5500
Asahi 230 830 3550 4850
NJK110 280 985 3500 5200
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